About Us

We are a small company that specialises in creating quality products that make a difference.

SwimBox is the brainchild of David Norman, who wanted to get more out of his Endless Pool after becoming frustrated at its of lack features. He looked around for a product that would do what he wanted and found nothing so ended up inventing it himself.

David, who is based in Nottingham in central England, got together a team of people to develop his idea and turn it into reality.

David Norman is a serial entrepreneur, with a series of successful businesses behind him. He has a passion for improving everyday items and making the mundane magical. By combining his design skills with a love of fitness and keeping in shape SwimBox was born.

David’s passion for functional design shines through in everything he does.  With David nothing ever stands still. He often refers to his Endless Pool as a “Think Tank” as the best ideas come to him while swimming. Waterproof notepad anyone?