Endless Pools – all the benefits of traditional swimming pools and more

Imagine having all the benefits of a swimming pool in just a fraction of the space. Then imagine making it even better than your typical pool. Believe it or not, that’s what Endless Pools can offer you.

Endless Pools create a current for you to swim through, so although you’re swimming you’re not actually going anywhere. Hence the pool and water volume (important in these times of hosepipe bans) can be much smaller.  You can even control how fast the current makes you swim.

But it’s for even greater control that you’ll need a Swim Box for you Endless Pool. Endless Pools are supplied with a remote control that you use to switch the current on and off. But after using my own Endless Pool for a few months I wanted more so set about designing the Swim Box.

Swim Box replaces your existing remote control to work as a timer, distance control and even you own personal swim coach. It can be programmed for your own regime or you can follow one of those we’ve pre-set for you.

So for example if, like me, you like to vary the speed you swim at or vary the stroke you use Swim Box is ideal.  You can programme it to take account of all of those variables and so avoid having to get out of the pool and interrupt your training regime.

Swim Box for Endless Pools also has a clear display which can help as an extra incentive. It counts down as you swim (either minutes or distance) so gives you an extra reason to carry on. And then once your goal is reached Swim Box automatically switches off your Endless Pool for you. It controls the current so you don’t have to.

Swim Box is simple to use and requires no special installation. You’ll have it working for you within minutes of the box arriving. Oh and one more thing…when you’re not swimming your Swim Box is still working for you, although this time as an elegant clock!

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