Getting the most out of your Endless Pool

So, you have your Endless Pool and now you want to know how best to use it. Clearly that will vary depending on the type of swimmer you are.

If you”re a competitive swimmer or athlete training for a triathlon say, you”ll have very different plans to if you”re using it for general family fitness and keeping in shape.¬†Whichever type of swimmer you are, one surefire way of getting the most out of your Endless Pool is to use it with a Swim Box for Endless Pool.

Swim Box gives you much greater control over your Endless Pool. It replaces the existing remote control to give you something which automatically switches the water flow on and off once you”ve completed a set distance or swum for a certain amount Php Aide of time.

Swim training becomes a pleasure with a SwimBox for Endless Pool

Wouldn”t it be great to know you”ll never again have to get out of the water to see how long you”ve been going or to switch off when you”re done. Wow!

If you”re training for an event though SwimBox does so much more. It turns your Endless pool into your own personal swim coach. Use the pre-programmed options to work through a routine or set your levels and intervals for yourself. It won”t give up until you”ve told it to, so there”ll be no letting yourself off.

As you can see, it”s simple to get the most out of your Endless Pool if you have a Swim Box. Contact Us for more information or to place your order today.


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