How does SwimBox for Endless Pool work?

SwimBox is an ingenious device that automatically controls your Endless Pool so you can get the most from your training regime.

It can be programmed to switch off the water flow when you’ve been swimming for a certain amount of time, or you’ve covered a certain distance. Or it can even alter the flow rate to give you bursts of higher-intensity exercise.

But how does SwimBox for Endless Pool work? From the point of view of the user, the answer is very simply. It’s ready to use minutes after being taken out of the box and has simple controls.

You won’t need an expert to install your SwimBox as it is all wireless. It simply picks up the signals used by your existing remote control and takes it from there. In fact you’ll find it will replace your remote.

All you have to do is decide how your training is to progress. Will you swim for a certain amount of time each day for example, in which case you would set you SwimBox to switch off ¬†your Endless Pool automatically. That way you wouldn’t have to watch the clock and there wouldn’t be a temptation to let yourself off a little early either.

Or perhaps you’re a professional athlete building up to an event, in which case you could programme it to follow your training schedule.

Simple and effective training through SwimBox.

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