SwimBox Replaces your Endless Pool Remote Control

Swim Box works like your endless pool remote control, in fact it replaces it.  Swim Box communicates and controls your pool with the program you’ve selected.  SwimBox turns it on off and controls the speed when needed.

SwimBox has two displays, the bright numerical timer shows minutes or distance and a visible signal of what the Endless Pool is doing.  The LCD Display allows you to set your individual program.    SwimBox is wireless, it charges on its dock.  When its on its dock it shows the current time.

With SwimBox you’ll always know the level you’re swimming at, there are 18 levels.  You will soon learn what your comfort level is, and you want to improve it, you can at the touch of a button.

Manual – Designed to offer complete control of your Endless Pool, you choose all the options.

Just Swim – Set the level and press Go, SwimBox displays a clock counter.

Swim Distance – Set the level and the distance you want to swim and press Go, SwimBox counts down the distance.

Swim Time – set the level and time you want to swim for and press Go.  SwimBox counts down the time

Programs – Together with fitness professionals we’ve designed 4 pre-programmed workouts,  that will keep your swim interesting and help towards your fitness goals.

Open Water

Your ProgramFor the serious swimmer, this is  exactly what you’ve been waiting for.  Program your Endless Pool to a routine that you’ve designed.    You can save it and call it up anytime.  There’s room for 10 saved programs.