Introducing SwimBox for the Endless Pool

There’s nothing like the excitement of a new product that really is going to make a difference. And right now things are reaching fever pitch as we launch SwimBox for Endless Pools.

So what is SwimBox for Endless Pools? Well, it’s a clever device that will change the way you use your Endless Pool forever.

If you have an Endless Pool, you’ll already know that the rate the water flows at – and therefore the speed at which you swim – is controlled by a remote control. But have you ever thought about how annoying it is to have to stop swimming every time you want to change the setting? Does it break your flow and rhythm and perhaps discourage you from doing as much as you could?

SwimBox for Endless Pool allows you to have a more controlled, and therefore a more fun and productive, exercise experience. And all without having to do anything more than press Go on the easy-to-use controls (and swim of course – it doesn’t do that for you!). No longer will you have to guess how long you’ve been swimming. Or stop, search for the remote and change the programme if you’re wanting to alter your activity level.

In practice, not only does SwimBox make the whole Endless Pool experience seamless and more fun, it also improves the quality of your exercise. That’s because you can set it to swim for a certain amount of time or even to speed up after say 10 minutes to give yourself the equivalent of a sprint finnish.

Oh and a SwimBox’s work is never done. When you’ve finished your training session it rests on its very own charging dock and becomes and attractive poolside clock.

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