Kids Love SwimBox for Endless Pool

Most kids love swimming, which is fantastic given the health benefits. They may be a little nervous to start with but quickly come around to the idea that being in the water is a fun way to be active and play with friends.

Being able to swim well is also important of course because it”s a skill that may one day save their life. It”s one of the few things every parent wants their child to be able to do.

And what better way is there to improve their skills and really get them comfortable in the water than to introduce them to an Endless Pool.  Kids love the way the water magically moves. Once they”re confident in the current you”ll find there”s no end to the games they invent too.

The strength of the current can be changed of course so it”s suitable for younger swimmers. Add a SwimBox for Endless best online casino Pool and it will even switch on and off automatically, which they”ll love even more.

It goes without saying that children should never be left alone near water, so fun in an Endless Pool is also a great way of spending time together as a family. Older children will challenge their parents and themselves to swim further or for longer.  Or perhaps one programmes a routine into the SwimBox and then encourages the other as they rise to its challenges. A great way of training!

We are luckily enough to have an Endless Pool and have enjoyed many a weekend with friends. We all swim – either casually or in a more serious training way – and then share a meal. Younger children will improve their strokes and stamina without even realising it. Perfect.

SwimBox for Endless Pool enhances your Endless Pool by replacing your existing pool remote. It allows you to automatically switch the current on and off after a set time or distance swum and can even vary the flow to a pre-programmed schedule if you like to, say, have a sprint finish or change your stroke.

SwimBox for Endless Pool is easy to install and can be ready to use just minutes after you take it from the box. Call us or email us for more information.

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