Make SwimBox for Endless Pool your personal swim coach

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to know your own personal swim coach was on hand all day, everyday? Fit a SwimBox to your Endless Pool and that’s exactly what you would have.

If you already have an Endless Pool you’ll know that they’re fantastic for swim training and general fitness. They help you build up your stamina and fitness by giving you a current to swim against. But if you’re really wanting to use it effectively the lack of ability to control the flow of water and make it do exactly what you want is quite a drawback.

That’s why we invented SwimBox for Endless Pool. ┬áIt’s an ingenious device that works with your existing Endless Pool to turn it into your personal swim coach. And better still there’s no specialist fitting required. It uses the same system as your existing remote control so will be ready to give you a workout within minutes of you getting it out of the box.

So what does SwimBox do that your existing Endless Pool remote doesn’t? The answer is it allows you to program and control the flow of water. Have it switch off automatically after a set amount of time or after it’s calculated you’ve swum a certain distance. Or set it to vary the intensity of your workout by allowing it to vary the speed for you. I find this great for a “sprint finish” at the end of my daily swim.

SwimBox comes with a number of pre-set programs. We’ve created them to give you a variety of options. Try them all and see which one works best for you.

For serious swimmers, athletes and tri athletes there is also the option of programming in your own training regime. Make things progressively harder, or maintain fitness perhaps.

The great thing about SwimBox for Endless Pool is that you can choose. You are in control of your swimming and fitness regime as never before. Oh and reaching for you Endless Pool remote will become a thing of the past.

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