See SwimBox for Endless Pool at The Triathlon Show 2012

This weekend it’s the 10th annual Triathlon Show at Sandown Park in Surrey. And we’ll be there spreading the word about our SwimBox for Endless pool.

If you’re very lucky you might even be able to see SwimBox in action. Follow us on Twitter (@theswimbox) for the latest updates and to find out exactly where we’ll be and when.

SwimBox is a revolutionary new product that will significantly improve the way your Endless Pool works for you. It simply replaces the existing remote control to give you something that will automatically switch the current off after a certain amount of time or after you’ve swum a certain distance.

SwimBox also has a number of pre-set programmes to help you train. Or, there’s always the option of programming it to tie in with your training regime. Where else will you find your own personal swim coach on hand twenty four hours a day, seven days a week?

SwimBox was the idea of David Norman, himself an Endless Pool owner. He was fed up with having to step out of the current to see how long he’d been swimming for or even to switch it off when he’d finished.

David also liked to vary the speed of the water automatically as he swam, something which his Endless Pool with its basic remote couldn’t do. So, quite simply after looking around for ways to make his Endless Pool better and finding nothing he invented SwimBox. And there’s nothing better than something born of necesity.

Endless Pool is brilliant as a training aid, but practical in other ways too. It’s supplied with a dock which acts as its charger and is a clear and easy-to-read clock when it’s not controlling the current.

For more information and to speak to David himself, call SwimBox for Endless Pool on (0) 845 2000 128 or email

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