Endless Pools need SwimBox

Swim Box is a revolutionary new product for your Endless Pool.  It works as a timer, distance countdown and, should you want it, your personal swim coach.  It controls the pool so you don’t have to.  Set the program you want and press Go.  Its clear display counts down the minutes or distance you’ve chosen to swim.  When you’ve reached your goal, it turns the Endless Pool off.

SwimBox is easy to use, portable and completely wireless. Designed to sit by your pool, its waterproof casing and charging dock make it an elegant clock too.  SwimBox is easy to set up and ready for use within minutes.

Exercise can sometimes be boring; to stay motivated we need to know what we’re achieving and where we want to go.  SwimBox lets you select your own training level so you can monitor your performance and improve over time. Or use one of our pre-programmed workouts, which are fun and challenging too.

So, let’s say you want to swim 1500m. Enter the distance into the simple SwimBox display and press Go. SwimBox switches on your Endless Pool, counts down the distance and then switches it off when your target is reached.


Serious athletes can programme their own routine into SwimBox, for specific training or the countdown to a competition.  Or if you enjoy doing sets with different stokes, SwimBox can set the precise time and speed of your Endless Pool to give you the perfect workout.  Save your favourite programme for use later or even create multiple workouts for different days.

Swim Box will change the way you swim in your endless pool forever.

With SwimBox I swim harder and longer then ever before, my Endless Pool Rocks!

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