What are the lifestyle benefits of an Endless Pool?

Endless Pool is a clever system that allows you to get more from your swimming pool. It also allows you to have a pool for “proper swimming” in a much smaller space.

A specialist propulsion unit generates a water current so that you can, in essence, swim for hours yet never go anywhere. Those pesky tumble turns become a thing of the past too!

Clearly swimming has great lifestyle benefits. It”s great all-round exercise yet is fun and sociable too. Many a person reports an increase in the number of visitors once the pool”s installed.

Swimming pools on their own take up lots boy roulette of space though, which Endless Pools don”t need to. They also boosts the quality of the exercise you do, by encouraging you to swim further. Add a SwimBox for Endless Pool and the possibilities for improving your fitness will increase again.

SwimBox replaces your existing remote with a controller that makes your Endless Pool switch off automatically after a certain amount of time, or after your”ve swum a certain distance. Or you can use one of the pre-set programmes to encourage you to swim more.

I have one an I can honestly say I”ve been amazed at home much we”ve used it. Having been sceptical at first, I now find I”m swimming at least once a day and my fitnesses has improved dramatically. And we”ve had some lovely gatherings for family and friends too.

Think friends and fitness and you will have, in two simple words, the main lifestyle benefits of an Endless Pool.

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