SwimBox loves your Endless Pool

If you’re reading this you probably already have an Endless Pool. We have one and can say without any hesitation that there is no better way to swim at home for fitness or fun.

It was whilst I was training in my Endless Pool that I had a thought… I swim at a steady pace but every now and again want to ramp up the water flow to give myself a bit of a challenge. The problem was that each time I went to change the speed, I’d have to stop swimming and adjust my Endless Pool via the remote so loosing my rhythm. There had to be a better way.

So, we set to work creating a product that would control the flow of water in the Endless Pool to allowing it to automatically run through set routines or for a particular time or distance. After almost 12 months development the we had a prototype, and it worked fantastically!

As the development and design progressed ideas for new features emerged and we designed them it to make SwimBox the complete, all round tool for swimmers of all levels.

SwimBox was invited and developed in the UK by David Norman